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Nov 18, 2013 2:15am EST
foreign relations president, richard haass. >> why don't people take a seat. unless they prefer not to, since sitting -- you'll all live longer if you stand throughout this meeting. welcome to the council on foreign relations. and tonight is one of those nights i like best, because it's a chance to celebrate a book by a celebrated author and thinker. council prides itself on being what i would call a book culture but not a book-only culture. but books do fill an essential space in the -- not simply research. here we pride ourself on policy relevant research. but the length of a book, the amount of research and thinking that goes into it, the kind of thinking you only do if you're actually forced to write something at wing, informs a lot of other things and there's a depth and breadth of analysis from books that, i don't care how good the op-ed is, it can't compete. so we're not a book-only culture. people write and disseminate ideas in all sorts of forms and all lengths, but books up a unique and essential part of the intellectual real estate here at the couple on foreign relati
Nov 24, 2013 8:00am EST
, of the kind of sanctions of the palestinians. but just from a realistic point of view, i don't understand for the last 20 years, and it's been harder and harder for me to defend sometimes the actions of israel to my liberal jewish or non-jewish friends, i don't understand oslo with a few exceptions. .. .. >> so the question is whether there are pressure all? >> and just everything was drinking. >> what's the question? why do we not reach out more? okay, okay. let me answer. it's a very simple answer. of course you can understand they want us to reach out more. we have to reach out in a sensible realistic way. one of the problems is the peace thinking of the peace concept will not renew in 20 years of reality refuted them time after time. this is why we need fresh thinking. it will not try to sell today is a new car or a 25-year-old chevy. so it's time to think fresh. and to describe it in a sentence. when israelis open their hearts and say it's a good pc to 93 the result was the wave of terror and exploding in jerusalem. when israelis took it to step forward in the camp david peace agreem
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2